About Us

India and China are two great and important nations of the world. Both nations have been millennial centres of great teachings to those who sought it. Indo Sino Bridge is an organization that has been established with its clear vision to connect India and China by eliminating communicative and cultural barrier between India & China and make language courses easier and simpler. Its prime focus is education and cultural exchange. Gradually, it intends to cover several other sectors in addition to education.


Rahul Desai


Rahul on the other hand began his career taking forward his father's creation SRDC, that is a name to reckon with and a pioneer in the gems and jewellery education industry. SRDC was successful in making a mark in not just India but in different parts of the world Together they decided to take custom jewellery one step ahead with R jewels who not only design jewellery wear but also jewellery merchandise for the niche.

Renu Punjani


R jewels was the brain child of two immensely devoted and passion driven individuals Renuka Punjani and Rahul Desai. Renuka indulged in the jewellery industry nearly 25 years ago with tremendous inclination towards designing and fine jewellery. She has worked closely with some of the industry leaders to design personal family fine jewellery for over 2 decades now.