Indians have always found doing business and carrying out other activities in China a challenge due to the language barrier. Making new friends and relationships, travelling alone, ordering food and such simple task become a mega task. One is completely dependent on the interpreters and translators.

To overcome these barriers, Indo Sino Bridge has introduced A Comprehensive Mandarin Course. It focuses on developing Spoken and Listening skills. At the same time writing and reading skills are taught so as to prepare students for various international competitive exams.

Comprehensive Mandarin Course also caters to the needs of aspirants of HSK and other international exams. Those who intend to appear for HSK can enrol for this course.

Designed for learners with no prior knowledge in Chinese . It is also suitable for those who can understand some simple Chinese characters and sentences. The course enables them in continuing their Chinese studies. In ECC 1 all characters are provided along with Pinyin.

Course content

  • Learn the English alphabetical system i.e. Pinyin and enable yourself to read any Chinese material in pinyin.
  • Master Chinese pronunciations, sounds and tones
  • Grain practical knowledge on numerals, days of the week, month of the year, currency, time words, measure words, particles etc.
  • Focus on spoken Chinese to enable beginners to communicate effectively
  • Learn Fundamental grammatical rules of Chinese grammar like SVO, particles, measure words and so on.
  • Learn a practical vocabulary of around 150 to 200 words.

Designed for learners who have completed ECC1 training or have passed HSK1, can use some simple Chinese characters and sentences, and enables them to pursue their Chinese studies and take it to the next level. In HSK 2 all characters are provided along with Pinyin.

Course content

  • Learn Fundamental communication etiquette such as greeting & polite conversations.
  • Asking for directions, polite refusals and acceptance of a certain event or topic.
  • Sentence structure, use of interrogative pronouns, affirmatives and negatives
  • Seeking permissions, identifying cultures & people and introducing oneself.
  • Learn a practical vocabulary of around 200 to 400 words.

This course is conducted for people who have completed both levels of ECC or have completed the equivalent of 80 hours of studies in Chinese or have passed HSK2. All the four macro skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing will be taught through an integrated communicative approach. The focus is, however, on developing the students’ listening, speaking and reading skills. Doing ICC1 course is equivalent to learning for HSK3.

Course content

  • Learn to deeper concepts read and write in Chinese characters.
  • Focus on spoken and written Chinese so as to enable a student to start with basic translation and interpretation.
  • Learn to use comparatives, complement of result, negative structures, complement of possibility.
  • Express compound directions to enable to expression locations more clearly.
  • Express degree of comparisons, period of time, interest.
  • Learn a practical vocabulary of around 600 to 700 words.

Designed for learners who can discuss a relatively wide range of topics in Chinese and are capable of communicating with Chinese speakers at a higher standard. One should have completed ICC1 or at least 100 hours of Chinese language training or have mastered usage of at least 600 words. Doing ICC2 course is similar to learning for HSK4.

Course content

  • Learn Chinese idioms and phrases
  • Focus on listening to longer sentences and speaking longer dialogues
  • More on purchasing and selling
  • Greater focus on intermediate level grammar
  • Learn about famous Chinese philosophers like Confucius, Mencius and the four great novels of China
  • Looking into contemporary China
  • Learn a practical vocabulary of around 1300 words

Designed for learners to enable them to read Chinese newspapers and magazines, watch Chinese films, write and deliver a speech in Chinese. The learner should have completed at least 140 hours of training and have mastered the usage of at least 1200 commonly used Chinese words. The course aims to enable learner to understand information communicated in Chinese and are capable of expressing themselves fluently; both in written or oral form.

Course content

  • Speaking fluently in Chinese and live interpretation
  • Learn in-depths of Chinese grammar
  • Techniques to read fast in Chinese and understand Chinese culture
  • Learn to discuss various topics in details. Express yourself more vividly. Learn to use the correct adjectives
  • Learn a practical vocabulary of more than 2500 words.

Designed to develop learner’s comprehension of the language. It also aims at developing ability to produce language. It focuses to help learners easily understand any information communicated in Chinese and make them capable of smoothly expressing themselves in written or oral form. A lot of emphasis is given on a strong grasp of Chinese grammar and culture. The learner should have already mastered the usage of at least 2500 commonly used Chinese words.

Course content

  • Learn who to participate in long conversations
  • Express opinions, give suggestions, and understand long dialogues.
  • In depths of translation and interpretation.
  • Chinese history, traditions and mythology.
  • Learn a practical vocabulary of more than 5000 words.


  • Topics
  • They are carefully selected so that students can use the language in their daily lives.
  • Practical Knowledge
  • A lot of emphasis is given on gaining practical knowledge.
  • Timings
  • Both weekdays and weekend batches are made available for students to suit their convenience.
  • Study material
  • Besides text book a lot of international educational material is made available to the student to get knowledge beyond the given study material.
  • Certificate
  • It is provided to students on clearing the exams. It helps students to get jobs at MNCs.