Corporate Chinese Course

Corporate Chinese Course is a course approved by University of Mumbai. Indo Sino Bridge in affiliation with SRDC is the only institute to provide this course. This short term course includes basic knowledge of Chinese language, its brief history and some corporate terminology.

Corporate Chinese Course is currently offered in combination with Comprehensive Mandarin Course.

Corporate Chinese Course is designed for learners who can understand and use none or some simple Chinese characters and sentences, and also check participants knowledge about basic commercial terms and ability to use acquired knowledge of Chinese and prepares them for continuing their Chinese studies. In HSK all characters are provided along with Pinyin. We have qualified experienced Chinese language teachers specialized in teaching basic, intermediate and advanced Chinese speaking, reading and writing.


  • Learn basic self-introduction
  • Making inquires
  • Asking prices or cost of product
  • Buying and selling
  • Expressing opinions like expensive, cheap, good or bad
  • Asking directions and locations
  • Placing and Order


  • Module 1: Brief History of the Chinese language and culture
  • Module 2: English alphabetical system i.e. Pinyin
  • Module 3: Tones pronunciations drills
  • Module 4: Fundamental grammatical rules
  • Module 5: Sentence structure, use of interrogative pronouns, affirmatives and negatives, seeking permissions, identifying cultures & people and introducing oneself.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training is a specialized industry based program. Whether one is looking to expand ones busi-ness in China, deal with Chinese Clients, or interact with Chinese colleagues, our high quality corporate Chinese training programs shall serve one’s purpose. All our corporate Chinese trainings have a clear vision of helping our corporate clients gain an edge in their business.

Our corporate Chinese trainings are tailor-made as per your company's exact training needs. We conduct all levels of corporate Chinese trainings - basic, intermediate and advanced based on the current level of the undertaking candidates.