In a world growing increasingly smaller, China still seems a faraway and exotic land, with secrets and mysteries of ages past, its history and intentions veiled from most Indians. Yet behind that veil lies one of the most amazing civilizations the world has ever known. For most of its 5,000-year existence, China has been the largest, most populous, wealthiest, and mightiest nation on Earth. And for us as Indians, it is essential to understand where China has been in order to anticipate its future. This course answers this need by delivering a comprehensive political and historical overview of one of the most fascinating and complex countries in world history.

A special focus on reading and writing. Open your eyes to a whole new world by learning Chinese characters. Chinese characters (pinyin – hànzì). It is one of the oldest continuously used system of writing in the world. Learn the history and logic of the characters to encode the da Vinci code of mysteries Chinese script.

  • Master 150 of the most commonly used Chinese characters
  • Learn to read street signs, store advertisements, menus & more
  • Communicate in written Chinese through emails & texting

Chinese Calligraphy is a combination of various disciplines. It studies of aesthetics, mathematics and a form of meditation. A Chinese master once said that the calligraphy practice can mould a person’s temperament. When you are in low spirits, try to write down Chinese characters for a while with a Chinese brush.

There are many benefits of learning Chinese Calligraphy:

  • Calligraphy helps you see structure. If you understand the aesthetics of Chinese characters, you will find them easier to learn.
  • Practicing calligraphy will train you to write faster.
  • It helps to develop concentration
  • Calligraphy commands enormous respect in Chinese culture. It is perhaps the earliest, and in my opinion certainly the historically most accomplished abstract art form in the world - It is beautiful and it is fun!

The Teachers Training Course is dedicated Mandarin-specific subject tuition for trainee teachers of languages. Tuition draws on one of the best current Mandarin teaching practice in schools through an established national network.

Format of the Teachers Training Course:

The course comprises:

  • Classroom lectures
  • Group tuition
  • Workshops
  • Directed reading
  • Teaching tasks and activities
  • Looking into contemporary China
  • Assessed written assignments

Topics covered in the course

This course focuses on different themes each week. Themes include: approaches to languages teaching; contexts in languages teaching and learning; the national curriculum; learning strategies; monitoring learning; learning resources; planning for progression and learner independence; the role of culture; barriers to learning; assessment; curriculum innovation; film and the languages classroom.

Other courses include on topics like Religion and Mythology in China, Fengshui, Literature Course, Philosophy, Law, accounts, business etc.