Indo Sino Bridge in order to promote education, support and encourage students has various scholarships and student concessions. We also help students to apply for various international scholarships. This enables various students to go abroad study and research further.

Women Empowerment Concession

Indo Sino Bridge happy to announce that ISB provides education concession to female students. It is our way to participate in women empowerment. We wish women get equal opportunity. Wom-en can play an important role in development of a society. As a Marathi saying goes, “Mulgi shikli pragati zhali”.

Excellent Performance Scholarship

This scholarship is to support and appreciate excellent performers. Students who have performed excellent at previous level at exams conducted at Indo Sino Bridge can apply for a scholarship at next level.

Economic Support Concession

Students with talent should not be lag behind just because of financial concern. Indo Sino Bridge tries to support these talented and diligent students by giving a concession. Chinese enthusiast can apply for these concessions and attain their dream of learning Chinese language.

International Scholarship

There are various scholarship offered by embassies and universities in India, China and Taiwan. As we receive notification from the concerned departments, we forward it to students.

For details on how to apply and condition related to the scholarship and concession contact office.